Our Services

We can provide a number of services from bespoke software development, Enhancing existing applications, performance tuning applications or re-writing existing applications which you have.

Bespoke Software Development

We can work with you to gather the requirements for the application or suite of applications that you need to have developed.

Enhancing Existing Applications

You may have existing applications which you want to extend and enhance to improve the amount of value that you get.

Performance Tuning

There are applications in your portfolio which are under performing. We can performance profile the applications and suggest and implement improvements. This will extend the life of the applications that you already have.

Technical Refresh

There comes a time in the application lifecycle where you simply have to re-engineer applications to take advantage of advances in technology and the cost savings that this will bring. For example you may have legacy applications written in obsolete technology and it is difficult to get resources to maintain or enhance the legacy applications.