Improve Data Transfer Resilience

Marken were redeveloping their legacy systems and experienced data transfer performance and data loss issues. I was engaged as Senior Developer to review and improve data transfer resilience. Reviewed existing data transfer mechanisms; architected new data transfer design; implemented WCF data transfer services; defined MSMQ to provide fault tolerance; and established test driven development approach. Succeeded in meeting performance targets and providing fault tolerance mechanisms to ensure data integrity.

Investigate and Resolve Performance Issues

The project had a number of underperforming network monitoring applications. We were engaged to investigate and resolve performance issues. Analysed performance issues; reengineered existing systems; investigated resolution options; produced proof of concept; defined new architecture removing SQL server and replacing with XML; and established common development framework to rebuild applications. Succeeded in delivering to extremely tight timescales, providing reduced data load times from 30 minutes to 1 minute.

Turnaround and deliver failing Submarine Messaging Project

The client were reengineering their mission critical Submarine Messaging Project but were significantly behind schedule and in danger of missing the build one milestone. We were engaged to turnaround and deliver key functionality. Analysed requirements; produced plan for staged delivery; reengineered existing ADA system; produced functional design; implemented UI, business layer, data layer and WCF services; and delivered to integration team. Succeeded in delivering to tight timescales achieving the build one milestone.